Hiwin Corporation offers multiple products for linear guideways and each series features different options for sizes, loading capabilities, accuracies, and more. Hiwin’s product ranges from miniature guides for small applications, and low-profile bearings for size restrictions – up to the larger products for heavy loads requiring high rigidity. Hiwin’s guide blocks are available in both ball-bearing and roller-bearing styles to cover many diverse industrial needs.


Linear Guides: HG Series – (HGW, HGH, HGL) • EG Series – (EGW, EGH) • WE Series – (WEW, WEH) • MG Series – (MGW, MGN) • RG Series – (RGW, RGH) • QH Series – (QHW, QHH) • QE Series – (QEW, QEH) • QW Series – (QWW, QWH) • QR Series – (QRW, QRH)

Accessories: E2 Self- Lubrication Kit • SE Metallic End Cap (High-temp. applications) • RC Reinforced Rail Caps • Copper Rail Caps (High-temp. applications) • KK, DD, ZZ, KH, DH, ZH, SH, SW, ZW Bearing Kits, Dust-Proof Accessories • Hiwin Greases and Grease Nozzle/Applicators available

Standard rail caps are included with every rail or assembly purchase

Hiwin Linear Guideways



IKO designs and manufactures a wide range of machine components that reduce friction in the positioning mechanisms of industrial equipment and machinery. Providing linear guide systems for high-precision and low-friction. Sizes range from tiny to extra large, from the world’s smallest track rail featuring a 1-mm width to linear guides built for high rigidity and load capacity in huge machines.


Linear Ways: LWL • LWE • LWE…Q • H • LWF • LWU / C-Lube Linear Ways: ML • MLV • MV • ME • MH • MUL • MX.

IKO Guideway Linear Slide


Nippon BearingNippon Bearing


Nippon Bearing slide guide is a high-precision and high-rigidity linear guide designed to utilize the motion of rolling elements. They have numerous advantageous characteristics including low friction, no stick/slip, and smooth linear motion even under high load conditions. Since they can maintain their high-efficiency and high-functionality characteristics for an extended period of time, they meet a wide range of needs, from general industrial to precision machinery.

Nippon Bearing

Slide Guides: Miniature Retained Ball SEB Type • Miniature Roller Guide SER Type • 4-Row High-Load SGL Type • Low-Height Design SGW Type




NSK linear guides are designed for superior linear motion. NSK has designed different series of linear bearings to meet the diverse needs of the various industries we serve. For more specific applications, NSK offers special coatings, lubricants, accuracies, and custom designs. Maintenance-free operation with K1™ Lubrication Units are available on most NSK linear bearings.


Linear Guides: NH / NS Series • LH / LS Series • PU / PE Series • RA / RB Series • LW Series • V1 Series • LU / LE Series • LA Series

Accessories: K1 Lubrication Unit – Long-Term Maintenance-Free • High Performance Seals • Coating Options • Grease, Grease Guns & Grease Fittings

NSK Linear Guideway


Zimmer Group LogoZimmer Group Linear Guide Accessories

Zimmer’s Linear Technology product line is suited for linear applications to cover many guide manufacturers and styles. Clamping and braking elements can be utilized on profiled guideways or shafts (both metric and inch) sizing.