Hiwin provides a wide range of ballscrew configurations to satisfy your special application requirements. Hiwin has the capability of producing JIS C0 class ground ballscrews, and DIN 5 class (up to 23 microns) for precision rolled ballscrews. Ballscrew O.D. ranging from 4mm to 120mm, and with Dm-N values up to 220,000. Hiwin uses precise procedures to create exact groove profiles such as grinding or precision rolling. Heat treatments are also applied to ensure the hardness of their ballscrews to provide the maximum load capacity and service life, resulting in high quality products with long service life.


Screw Types – Precision Ground Ballscrews • Rolled Ballscrews • Super S Series • Super T Series • Miniature Ground Ballscrews • R1 Series Rotating Nut • Heavy Load Series • Roller Screw

Hiwin also provides a stocked ballscrew program with many items in stock at the Elgin, IL warehouse. Ranging from 8 mm, to 50 mm in diameter with multiple ball nut configurations, items are ready to ship very quickly, including zero-backlash ball screw configurations.

X-Y Retrofit Kits – Ground and rolled X/Y ballscrew kits available from stock in Elgin, IL.

In addition to their ballscrew line, Hiwin also includes self-lubrication kits, support bearings, and machining services.

Hiwin Ballscrews




Emcor is a quality leader in linear motion by designing, engineering, producing, repairing, and refurbishing ball screws, lead screws, actuators, roller screws, acme screws, linear guides, and other components. Working in a fully equipped facility with the level of their experience leads only to the high quality and precision they consistently provide. Emcor is able to refurbish, recreate or enhance your design, components or assemblies. Emcor is there to provide complete design and engineering assistance to ensure you receive exactly what your application requires.


Managing mechanical parts, assemblies and sub-assemblies

Ball screws • Slides • Rails • Bearing housings • Jack screws • Spindles • Gauges • Electronic components • Electric motors • Electromechanical assemblies • Hydraulic and pneumatic units

Emcor ballscrews



NSK manufactures a full range of bearings all over the world. The main three focal points NSK aims for are automotive products, precision machinery and parts, and mechatronic products.

NSK offers a complete selection of products and variations. Whether you need a unique custom design for a demanding application or a standard off-the-shelf product offering ease of design and shorter lead times, NSK has the solution from miniature to ultra-large sizes.


Screw Types – Compact FA Series • A-Series • S-Series • HTF-SRC Series • V1 BSS Series • HMC Series • High Speed SS Series

In addition to the listed series’ above, NSK also invlcludes K1 Lubrication kits, Ballscrew support units, high performance seals, and additional greases.

NSK Ballscrews