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Dry Film Lubrications & Engineered Coatings

If you have questions regarding application design, coatings, or lubrication for your application system, please contact our sales team. Request a quote.

Harsh environments can take a toll on your components, start with solid protection from the beginning and save in the long run. Protection from wear and corrosion can save your machines and prevent downtime and repairs.

Description: Dry film expressed in mils (thousandths of an inch), is an applied and cured coating. Lubricants are substances used to reduce friction between two surfaces in relative motion. Oil and grease are common industrial lubricants. Armoloy TDC lowers the coefficient of friction while protecting against corrosion as a thin dense chrome coating and is FDA compliant.


Wear & Corrosion Prevention


Wear Prevention

Material loss which can compromise the function of components is typically described as wear. Solutions to prevent and reduce abrasive wear includes: hardening the surfaces, adding either a wet or dry lubricant, and preparing the surface finish to meet the demands of the forces, stresses and environment of the application. However, sometimes by making a surface too smooth it can increase wear by creating an increased amount of contact of the two surfaces.


Corrosion Prevention

Corrosion is typically caused by a synergistic relationship between multiple things such as humidity, chemical gases, acids, and also the relationship of the two materials that are touching. Corrosive wear caused by oxidation from chemicals can be prevented by encapsulating your components. With surface treatments and encapsulating the parent material, it can prevent or slow down the degeneration of the surface.


When protecting your systems from both types of wear, the running life of your system increases.

Many manufacturers have engineered methods of protecting applications from wear and corrosion which presents a variety of potential possibilities for your requirements. Coatings, films, lubricants, and even different materials dependent upon your requirements are available to protect your systems. If you feel that your application is in need of protective measures please contact TSI to discuss your problem and environment in order for our technical and sales teams to come up with the most efficient solution.


Common Environmental Issues

Clean Rooms - Stainless steel rails and shafts are available to prevent rust from taking over a system in situations where rust can easily occur. Along with different types of surface treatment coatings to cover components and preventing any dusts to penetrate them.

Vacuum - It is important to take measures against released gases, grease splatter, and rust. By using greases that were created for vacuum environments, stainless shafting, surface treatments and coatings it will prevent wear from occurring.

High Speed - When not using the correct lubrication type or method, lubrication often has a low retention rate and components must maintain lubrication in order to prevent wear especially when heat generation can occur.

High Temperatures - Intense hot temperatures surrounding an application can affect the life of the lubrication used unless it is specific for extreme temperatures. Heat resistant greases are most appropriate, even when temperatures vary from normal to extreme conditions.

Low Temperatures - Low temperatures can affect plastic parts within a system. Without the proper coatings and greases, rust and wear can form and compromise systems.

Fine Movement - Short strokes can cause depletion of oil and grease films and can even make them ineffective leading to extreme wear. It is important that when choosing a grease for a short stroke system to make sure that the grease retention is strong.

Friction with ball bearings - To prevent friction between balls during high speed applications it is often recommended that a caged ball bearing be used. It prevents the balls from touching causing less wear within the block itself and reducing the amount of heat generated from fast motions. Additional benefits with caged ball bearings are that the grease retention capabilities are very high making the cages a great choice for a lower maintenance option and the caged balls produce less noise when running on a guideway.

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