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Cam Followers

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Cam followers come with many styles specific for different applications and environments. Available in high carbon steel as a standard material, or the option for stainless components for where oils should be avoided, clean rooms, or where water is splattering for corrosion resistance. Request a quote.

Description: Cam Followers are studded bearings with needle rollers in the thick outer ring. The friction coefficient designed for rotation of the outer ring is small and the bearing offers excellent rotation performance. The design of cam followers allows for high rigidity and accuracy and can be used in a wide range of applications.


cam followers

Cam Followers

IKO Cam Followers

  • Standard Type Cam Followers
  • Solid Eccentric Stud Type Cam Followers
  • Eccentric Type Cam Followers
  • Thrust Disk Type Cam Followers
  • Centralized Lubrication Type Cam Follower
  • Easy Mounting Type Cam Follower
  • C-Lube Cam Followers
  • Miniature Type Cam Followers
  • Thrust Disk Type Miniature Cam Followers
  • Inch Series Cam Followers
  • Cylindrical Roller Cam Followers
  • C-Lube Unit for Cam Followers

IKO Cam Follower

Oil can be supplied from the stud head portion of IKO Cam Follower with Hexagon Sockets

Cam Followers are bearings provided with a stud in which
needle rollers are assembled in a thick outer ring, having a small coefficient of friction and excellent rotating performance designed for outer ring rotation. These products having high rigidity and accuracy are widely used for machine tools, industrial robots, electronic parts, OA devices as follower bearings for various cam mechanisms and guide rollers for linear motion.

The head of the stud is provided with a hexagon hole so that it can be surely tightened with a hex wrench. I t s original lubrication structure permits a grease-up operation
from the head of the stud, so this allows the user to make a system
design freely without any limitation on the direction of lubrication.

IKO C-Lube Unit

C-Lube Unit for Cam Followers (CL)

IKO C-Lube Unit for Cam Follower is a lubricating part attached to the cam follower. Since lubricating oil which is indispensable to the outside diameter surface of the cam follower outer ring and track surface is supplied, periodical oil supplying is not required. It realizes a long period maintenance free operation of the track surface.

Before Oil Impregnation After Oil Impregnation
Resin particles are fusion bonded and there are lots of empty spaces. Lubricating oil is held in the spaces of the resin particles.

Standard Type Cam Follower

IKO Standard Cam Follower

This is the basic form of cam follower. Line up of size variations range from stud diameters of minimum 3 mm to maximum 30 mm, and they can be used for a very broad range of applications.



Eccentric Type Cam Followers

IKO CFE Cam Follower

Since eccentric collar is fixed to the stud, positioning in the radial direction against the opposing track surface can be conducted easily.
The amount of eccentricity is 0.4 mm - 1.5 mm.



Cam Followers for Centralized Piping

IKO Centralized Piping Cam Follower

Since tap hole processing is conducted on the stud for centralized piping, it is most suitable for places where centralized piping of oil supply is necessary.



C-Lube Cam Followers

IKO C-Lube Cam Followers

This is a cam follower in which thermo-hardening type solid lubricant (C-Lube) is filled in the bearing space. C-Lube is a lubricant made by solidifying lots of lubrication oil and fine particles of high molecular polyolefin resins by thermal treatment, and suitable amount of this lubricant will seep out continuously to the track surface by the rotation of the bearings, and the lubricating performance of the bearings is maintained for a long period of time.



Miniature Cam Followers with Thrust Washer

IKO Mini Cam Follower with Thrust Washer

This is a miniature cam follower to which a thrust washer made of special synthetic resin is built into. It receives the axial load of the outer ring generated by the attachment errors. It is effective in preventing wear and friction of the sliding surface.

Solid Eccentric Stud Type Cam Follower CFES

IKO Eccentric CFES

Since the stud is designed with eccentricity, by rotating the stud, alignment is possible, and adjustments can be made easily so that the load distribution to the outer ring outside diameter surface will be uniform. It is an eccentric cam follower with integrated structure in which attachment can be made to the same attachment holes as the Standard Cam Follower. The amount of eccentricity is 0.25 mm - 0.6 mm.



Thrust Disk Type Cam Follower


Since a special synthetic resin thrust washer that has excellent wear resistance and heat resistance is built into the sliding contact portions among both shoulder portions of the outer ring and stud head as well as the side plate, it will receive axial load of the outer ring generated by attachment errors, etc., and it has the effect of preventing wear and friction of the sliding surface.



Easy Mounting Type Cam Follower

IKO Centralized Piping Cam Follower

Since stepped processing is conducted on the stud, the stepped portion is fixed in place from the top with a setting screw, and attachment is easy. It is suitable for applications such as pallet changer.



Miniature Cam Followers

IKO Mini Cam Followers

This is a bearing that has extremely fine needle-type rollers built into the outer ring, and it is designed compactly so that the outside diameter of the outer ring is small in comparison with the stud diameter. It is used in electronics parts machinery, OA (Office Automation) equipment, and small index devices.



Heavy Duty Type Cam Follower

IKO Heavy Duty NUCF

This is a full complement roller bearing that has double row cylindrical rollers built into the outer ring. It is able to receive large radial load and a certain amount of axial load.


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