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Protective Covers & Bellows

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Centryco Dynatect (A&A)

Protecting your equipment is one of the best ways to ensure longer life and less maintenance. Constructed from many rugged material options and custom shapes to best suit the job requirements, protective covers and bellows are a simple solution that can make a big impact. Request a quote.

Description: Used in a vast amount of applications where the need to exclude dust, dirt, moisture, saw dust, metal shavings, metal chips and other environmental contaminants exists. Providing protection for machine operators from pinch points and other similar dangers. They are also used extensively for aesthetic purposes, covering moving and stationary components.


Protective Covers/Bellows


  • Sewn Bellows
  • Molded Bellows
  • Radio Frequency Welded Bellows
  • Centry Covers (Telescopic Spring Covers)
  • Linear Way Covers
  • Spark-Resistant & Extended Wear Materials for Long-Life Construction
  • Perma-Pleated Screens (Flat Bellows)
  • Way Covers
  • Milling Machine Covers
  • Way Wipers
  • Vacuum Formed Components
  • Welding & Safety Protection
  • Medical Field Bellows

    Dynatect (A&A)

  • Duratite Co-Extruded Bellows Covers
  • Folded Bellows
  • Gordillo Stainless Steel-Clad Bellows Way Cover
  • GorFrame Wire Frame Bellows
  • Gortiflex Molded Bellows
  • Sealed PTFE Bellows
  • Sewn Bellows
  • Sewn Folded Bellows
  • Themic-Weld Way Protectors
  • Thermiseal Welded Bellows
  • Vulca-Seal Vulcanized Protective Covers
  • Way Wipers


Sewn, Molded, and Welded Bellows

Centryco Bellows

Centryco is capable of making a wide variety of bellows styles based on specific dimensions per your application. Multiple materials and options to best suit your needs.


Telescoping Covers

Centryco Telescoping Covers

Constructed from 1095 polished blue carbon steel for long life and maximum protection. Also can be used as a safety feature to seal off pinch points and other hazards of potential injury.


Linear Way Covers

Centryco Way Covers

Protection for linear rails and bearings available in standard or high temperature materials. Fits most OEM bearing carriages and stock sizes available.


Way Wipers

Centryco Way Wipers

Way wipers are an economical way to preserve a machine from debris on the guideways. Strong rigid casings (aluminum or stainless steel options) are corrosion resistant along with wipers made of Polyurethane which resist oil, heat, and abrasion.

Dynatect (A&A)

Gordillo™ Stainless Steel-Clad
Bellows Way Cover

Gortite Gordillo Bellow

Gordillo™ covers are Thermic-Weld® or Sewn-Folded covers that have stainless steel plates attached for applications in the machine tool or welding industry.


Sewn Bellows

Gortite Sewn Bellow

Sewn construction offers the widest variety of material selection along with the best extended to retracted rations.


Sewn-Folded Bellows

Gortite Sewn Folded Bellow

Sewn-Folded covers are manufactured from thermoplastic or elastomer material sewn to a PVC stiffener.


Thermic-Weld® Way Protectors

Gortite Themic-Weld Way Protectors

Thermic-Weld® bellows are constructed from a one piece of thermoplastic coated material with no seams, stitch-holes or breaks.


Vulca-Seal® Vulcanized Protective Covers

Gortite Vulca-Seal

Vulca-Seal® construction results in a neat appearance, a complete seal, longer life in abrasive environments & the ability to withstand moderate internal or external pressure.


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