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Founded in 1965, Wörner Automation Technology GmbH is a leading manufacturer of damping, stopping, and positioning modules for transfer systems in production and assembly lines. These system modules fulfill a key function in the automated material flow and are critical in determining the performance of such systems in regards to speed, accuracy, and safety.

Wörner continues to develop new products based on customer needs using creativity, expertise, and commitment to customer requirements. Solutions formulated and produced around these customer requirements is the Wörner standard.

Separating Stops without Damping

Multi-configuration variants make for flexible products. Compatible with various transfer systems. Compact and sturdy design for any installation position. Optimally tailored to very high accumulated loads. High productivity due to short cycle times. Simple installation and easy retooling from single to double action.

Worner Delta 0120 Worner Delta 0140 Worner Delta 0800 Worner Delta 0400


Separating Stops with Damping

Compatible with various transfer systems. Flexible use thanks to multi-configuration variants. Gentle stopping and damping of accumulated pallet holders. Enables shock-sensitive parts to be conveyed. Infinitely adjustable damping irrespective of the degree of tooling. Impact force is consequently reduced by up to 95%. No vibration stress on the system due to vibration-free damping as far as end position. Supports optimum position stability of the pallets on the pallet holders.

Worner Delta BS15 Worner Delta BSS Worner Delta BS140 Worner Delta BS Worner Delta BS150T2 Worner Delta BS150


Separating for Roller Conveyor Systems

Delta BSUSR devices with damping also work in a small space. Specially designed for very tight spaces between the individual roles of different transport roller conveyor systems.

Worner Delta BSUSR270 Worner Delta BSUSR400 Worner Delta BSUSR1000 Worner Delta BSUSR550


Angle Dampers

Angled dampers are employed to cushion the impact of an pallet holder on arrival during the transition from a conveyor cross belt to a conveyor long belt, or from a conveyor long belt into a conveyor cross belt.

Worner Delta ELQ Worner Delta ESHB150T4 Worner Delta ESHB150 Worner Delta ELQ


Index Cylinders

The indexing cylinder serves for precisely positioning and raising the pallet holder. The work pieces can be processed exactly.

Worner Delta I


Anti-Bounce Stops

Together with a undamped separator, the anti-bounce stop prevents bounce of the pallet holder after stopping. The pallet can be pushed back when wanted with the pneumatically sinkable anti-bounce stop. Reverse mode. The use of anti-bounce stops is especially recommended for transfer systems with low conveyor friction.

Worner Delta R Worner Delta PR Worner Delta RP


Position Sensors

Position sensors are used in automated manufacturing conveyor systems to monitor areas and also serve as an end position for pallet holders in transversal travel. The presence of a pallet holder can be detected by means of a proximity switch fitted to the sensor.

Worner Delta P Worner Delta SA Worner Delta SI

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