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Nippon Bearing serves various industries as a linear motion manufacturer. Originally founded in 1939 in Japan as a cooperative project with Tsugami Co., Ltd., renamed Nippon Bearing Co., Ltd. in 1963. The company established a US presence in 1987 in Chicago, Illinois, with two additional sales offices located on the East and West coasts of the country around the year 2000. NB's components are reliable, high quality products continuously improved by technological advancements and efforts for product development. From basic components to assembled units, all of NB's products go through strict quality control throughout the production process to ensure high quality and precision of each product.

Ball Spline

Nippon Bearing Ball SplinesBall Spline - Utilizing the rotational motion of ball elements that can sustain loads while also transferring torque. Raceway grooves are designed and machined to match closely the radius of the ball elements. With greater contact surface the spline is able to have high load capacity and long travel life. Available as cylindrical, flange, or block types.

Rotary Ball Spline SPR - Both rotational and linear motion are capable. Structured with 4-row ball circuits provide high rigidity. Cross rollers are directly attached to the ball spline's outer cylinder resulting in a compact light design.

Rotary Ball Spline SPB - Combination of a spline nut and a set of angular contact bearings create the compact, high accuracy, and high-speed assembly. Both rotational and linear motion are capable at the same time.

Stroke Ball Spline SPLFS - The flanged spline nut consists of an outer cylinder, a retainer, side-rings, and ball elements. The retainer is a non-circulating type limiting stroke. The retainer in the nut is equipped with ball pockets providing a smooth linear motion.

Ballscrew Spline SPBR/SPBF - High accuracy, high rigidity ball screw nut and ball spline nut attached to the ball screw spline shaft which includes screw and spline grooves. A single axis of the ball screw spline can provide positioning, linear and rotary motion, as well as combined spiral motion.

Slide Bush

Nippon Bearing Slide BushSlide Bush - Low friction with a precision ground raceway with minimal contact surface. Accommodating for applications that require anticorrosion components, steel retainers for harsh environments, and resin retainers for low noise and cost effectiveness.

Top Ball

Nippon Bearing Top BallTop Ball - High load capacities and long travel life as a result of the circular arch contact for ball bearings designed on the load plates. Rated for high-speed applications reaching up to 180m/min. Many styles available for bearings including - open and closed types, adjustable, and open adjustable types.

Stroke Bush | Slide Rotary Bush

Nippon Bearin Stroke BushStroke Bush - Compact high load capacity with linear and rotational motion capable. High-carbon chromium bearing steel used in the outer cylinder, heat treated and ground achieving high rigidity and accuracy.

Slide Rotary Bush SRE - Featuring a retainer specially fitted into cylindrical steel outer cylinder and is designed to guide steel balls for smooth circulation in its retainer. Both rotational and linear motion capable. Three different styles - standard, flange, and unit type with sizes ranging from 6 to 40.

Slide Rotary Bush RK - High rigidity enables it to withstand unbalanced and large loads. Smooth unlimited linear and rotational motion capable in a compact system. High compatibility for interchanging eliminating future replacement problems.

Slide Rotary Bush FR/FRA - Constructed with a combination of a load carrying outer cylinder and a return cap for smooth compound motions. Each set of bush and shaft is matched and controlled to ensure smooth and highly accurate motion.

Spindle | Shaft

Spindle - Available up to a 650mm maximum diameter. Matched parts to ensure accuracy and smooth motion. General machining such as center tapping, step machining, V-groove machining, screw machining, plate-groove machining, key-groove machining , flat surface machining, and spot hardening.

Shaft - Used in a wide range of applications as a mechanical components from straight shaft to spindle shaft. Variety of highly accurate machining processes used to provide custom shafting including grinding and bore machining requirements. Wide selection of shaft types available.

Slide Way | Gonio Way

Nippon Bearing Slide Way Gonio WaySlide way - Available in three series styles: NV, SV, and SVW. Highly accurate linear movement, low-speed and high-speed stability, high rigidity and high load capacity, and low noise quiet motion. Available in all stainless steel per request.

Slide Table - Consisting of a slide way, in between an accurately machined table and a bed (stoppers are provided inside the table). Highly accurate, low friction, compact design, and high rigidity. Ease of mounting by standardized mounting holes provided in the bed and the table. No need for adjustment, carefully assembled so that accuracy and preload are optimized and can be used immediately.

Miniature Slide - Ultra compact design as small as 3.2~4.5 mm in height and 6~12 mm in width (SYBS Type). Highly accurate with low friction and low noise. Constructed of all stainless steel components.

Gonio Way - Curved roller slide way. Utilizing low-friction, non-recirculating precision rollers. Required when there is a need to change the gradient or to obtain an accurate gradient angle without changing the center of rotation in high-precision optical and measurement equipment.


Nippon Bearing ActuatorActuator BG - The integration of the slide guide and the precision ball screw eliminates complex precision adjustment and reduces installation time greatly. High rigidity and high accuracy and compact design.

Slide Screw

Nippon Bearing Slide ScrewSlide Screw - Used as a transport device for many different applications where there are not accurate positioning requirements. Converting rotational motion into linear motion by utilizing the friction between radial ball bearings and the shaft.


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