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Lee Linear

Lee Linear strives to produce some of the finest precision linear motion components by providing high quality products, quick availability, and affordable pricing. High quality standards ensure that their products not only meet, but also exceed the industry standards. Keeping an extensive inventory of these components allows for quick lead times and a broader selection of options for your applications.

Special machining solutions per drawing specs are available by expereinced machinists to ensure shafting and components are right for the application requirements. Request a quote.

Lee Linear


Lee Shafting

60 Plus Shafting -Made from high carbon C1060 steel provides high machinability. The shafts are manufactured with the best care to ensure maintained straightness, roundness,and surface finish. Ranging from 1/4" - 3" in diameter and lengths up to 148".

Ready Shafts - Offering immediate delivery, available in C1060 and 440C linear shafting. Ranging from 1/4" - 1-1/2" in diameter, and maximum length up to 72".

440C Shafting - Corrosion resistant shafting. Ranging from 1/4" to 2" and a maximum length of 170".

Pre-Drilled Shafting - Offered in both 60 Plus and 440C shafting, pre-drilled with a standard industrial hole pattern meeting most application requirements. Holes are drilled and tapped to the center of the shaft. Ranging from 1/2" - 3" and up to 193" in length.

Custom Shafting - Using 60 Plus or 440C shafting as the base material, experienced machinists have the capabilities to do the following: threading, diameter reduction, coaxial holes in end of shaft, radial holes to center of shaft, radial holes drilled and/or tapped through shaft, joined shafts to achieve longer lengths, retaining ring groove, keyways, flats, gun/deep hole drilling.

Support Rails & Guides

Shaft Support Rails "SR"- Composed of 6061-T6 extruded aluminum providing great support for precision shafting. Reducing warping, twisting, and the need for counter bored holes in the base. Available in 24" and 48" lengths, and diameters of 1/2" to 3". "SRI 1" and "SRI 2" are for light load applications, along with "SR-PD" for a pre-drilled option.

Low Shaft Support Rails "LSR" - Designed as a 40% lower profile for compact linear motion systems. Composed of AISI C1018 steel and available in lengths up to 48" and diameters 1/2" to 3". "LSRI 1" and "LSRI 2" are available as intermittent supports, along with a pre-drilled option "LSR-PD".

Low Support Guides "LSG" - Consisting of 60 Plus or 440C shaft with with a low support rail providing a low profile. Designed to support plain bearings and some linear ball bearings. When the shaft is appearing to be worn, rotate it 180° to provide a "fresh surface" for the bearing. Sold as a two-piece set, rail and shaft and can be bolted down to a mounting surface. Diameters available between 5/8" to 2".

Support Blocks


Support Blocks "SB" - Provide support without requiring machining to the shaft. Supports are manufactured from C1045 steel and range from 1/2" to 3" shaft sizes.

Bearings & Pillow Blocks

Precision Plus Linear Ball Bearings - Long running life and high accuracy. Available as a plain bearing or mounted in an aluminum housing with either opened or closed configurations. Maximum Load Capacity: 105–1930 lb for Closed Bearings, 265–1930 lb for Open Bearings Shaft Diameter: 3/8" to 1-1/2" for Closed Bearings, 1/2" to 1-1/2" for Open Bearings.Lee Linear

Precision Plus Linear Ball Bearing Pillow Blocks - All of the same benefits of the Precision Plus Linear Ball Bearings with the additional advantage of mounting. Available in an opened or closed style. Load Rating: 255–2000 lb for Closed Bearings, 230–1560 lb for Open Bearings. Shaft Diameter: 1/2–1-1/2 inches for Closed and Open Bearings

Precision Linear Ball Bearings - Superior to standard linear ball bearings due to their accuracy, travel life, and high load handling. Available as an opened or closed style and the optional seals. Bearing Mass: 0.020–2.75 lbs for Closed Bearings, 0.080–2.75 lbs for Open Bearings. Dynamic Load Capacity: 19–1100 lbs for Closed Bearings, 85–1100 lbs for Open Bearings.

Composite Linear Bearings - Self-lubricating or ceramic linear/rotary bearing technology, providing high load capability (5000+ psi) along with low friction. Designed as an alternative for linear ball and roller bearings where high loads, wash down, vibration, or contamination may be environmental issues. Self-lubricating bearings do not require any lubrication, ceramic bearings require lubrication at a slightly lower coefficient of friction (0.04-0.08). Outside Diameters: 0.500–6.00", lengths: 0.750–8.00", retaining Hole Diameter: 0.094–0.275".Lee Linear

Composite Linear Bearing Pillow Blocks - Designed to have a low coefficient of friction while maintaining structural integrity. Available in self-lubrication and ceramic models. Resistant to high impact and wear. Shaft diameters between 1/4" to 2".

Composite Linear Bearing Twin Pillow Blocks - Designed for applications that are double the dynamic load carried by a regular composite pillow block. Ideal for contaminate-filled, wash down environments. Also available in ceramic and self-lubricating styles.

Double Length Bearing Pillow Blocks - Available as both opened and closed styles, can be interchanged with the standard Twin Linear Ball Bearing Pillow Blocks and Twin Roller Bearing Pillow Blocks. Both ceramic and self-lubricating bearings are available.


Slide Tables

Basic Slide Tables - Can be set up to be driven by hand, actuator, rack and pinion, gear systems, etc. Does not come with a drive system from manufacturer. Available either with continuous support or end supported. Available in 1/2", 1", and 1-1/2" shafting.

Full Slide Tables - Complete slide system, ready for immediate use and motor mounting. Available with or without full shaft support. Shaft diameters between 1/2" to 1-1/2".

Custom Slide Tables - Lee Linear designs and manufactures slide tables to fit exact specifications.




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