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Gerwah Ringfeder

For over 30 years, GERWAH has specialized in innovating couplings for driving technology and conveying engineering. Their product line up includes metal bellows couplings, servo-insert couplings, line shafts, high speed shaft couplings, disc couplings, and safety couplings; from industrial machinery of all kinds to servo systems, linear or high-speed drivers. GERWAH also offers "Special Solutions" which are customized components for when standard products are not a perfect match.

Metal Bellows Couplings

Metal Bellow Couplings - Used in many applications where torsionally rigid and backlash-free shaft connections are required. High-quality products can compensate angular, axial and radial misalignments and transmit the rotational angle with highest precision. Compact shape and low moments of inertia in Gerwah's self-aligning couplings.

Gerwah 5202.3 Magnetic Disc Coupling

Gerwah Metal Bellow Couplings DKN

Gerwah Metal Bellow Couplings DKN/S
Gerwah Metal Bellow Coupling PKA
Gerwah Metal Bellow Couplings PKB
Gerwah Metal Bellow Coupling PKN
Gerwah Metal Bellow Couplings AKN
Gerwah Metal Bellow Couplings AKN-H

Gerwah Metal Bellow Couplings AKD

Gerwah Metal Bellow Couplings AKD-H
Gerwah Metal Bellow Couplings AK
Gerwah Metal Bellow Couplings CKN

Servo Insert Couplings

Servo Insert Couplings - Elastomer couplings used in driving technology when precise, low-vibration power transmission is required. Couplings are backlash-free and vibration-damping. The flexible elements compensate angular, axial and radial misalignments of the shafts.

Gerwah Servo Insert Couplings GWE 5102
GWE 5102

Gerwah Servo Insert Couplings GWE 5103
GWE 5103
Gerwah Servo Insert Couplings GWE 5103.1
GWE 5103.1
Gerwah Servo Insert Couplings 5107
GWE 5107
Gerwah Servo Insert Couplings GWE 5104
GWE 5104
Gerwah Servo Insert Couplings GWE 5106
GWE 5106
Gerwah Servo Insert Couplings GWE 5112
GWE 5112

Line Shafts

Line Shafts - With either metal bellows or elastomeric spiders available, these backlash-free line shafts work when large center distances have to be covered. Misalignments are compensated easily along with transmitted highest angular accuracy.

Gerwah Line Shaft GWZ 5104.1
GWZ 5104.1
Gerwah Line Shaft GWZ 5106.1
GWZ 5106.1
Gerwah Line Shaft AKN-ZW
Gerwah Line Shaft AKN-H-ZW

High Speed Shaft Couplings

    High Speed Shaft Couplings - Backlash-free shaft coupling with damping, high-speed and stiffness all in one - SMC series.

Gerwah High Speed Shaft Coupling SMC
SMC - Designed for high dynamic applications under high operating speeds all while backlash-free with torsional stiffness. Also vibration damping, pluggable, fatigue resistant, easy mounting, and maintenance-free.

Safety Couplings

Safety Couplings - Protecting engines, servos and connections from damage due to operational errors or malfunction eliminating breakdowns, overload, and collisions.

Gerwah Safety Coupling DXR/L
Gerwah Safety Coupling DXM/C(L)
Gerwah Safety Couplings DXM/CD
Gerwah Safety Coupling DXM/E
GWS Safety Coupling

RING-flex® Torsionally Rigid Disc Couplings

RING-flex® Torsionally Rigid Disc Couplings - Compensating for angular, axial and radial misalignments while transmitting torque backlash-free between driver and driven components. No sensitivity to high temperatures, does not need lubrication and can operate without wear or maintenance.

Gerwah Ring-Flex Disc Couplings HS
HS, HD and HC - Ring-Flex couplings with bore and keyway hub design
Gerwah Ring-Flex Disc Couplings XHS
XHS, XHD and XHC - Ring-Flex couplings with Ringfeder keyless shrink disc hub design
Gerwah Ring-Flex Disc Couplings LHS
LHS, LHD and LHC - Ring-Flex mounting with Ringfeder locking assembly
Gerwah Ring-Flex Disc Couplings CCS
CCS, CCD, CHS, CHD and CHC - Ring-Flex couplings with keyless clamp style hub design


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