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Established as A&A Manufacturing in 1945, Dynatect manufactures dynamic industrial protection for equipment and people. Headquartered in New Berlin, WI, with eight manufacturing facilities across North America, Europe and Asia. Dynatect’s product line serves a variety of industries such as Medical Automation; Oil and Gas; Construction and Agriculture; Machine Tool; Transportation; and Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO).


Dynatect Bellows, Way Covers, Way Wiper, Roll up Cover




Dynatect designs and manufactures custom bellows and way protectors for any industry or application requiring a protective flexible cover.

Custom Bellows: round and oblong, rectangular and tapered, flat and way cover, or non-standard shapes

Brands & Construction: Gortiflex Molded, Multiflex Dip Molded, Vulca-Seal, Robust High Temp, Sewn, Thermiseal, Heat-Sealed, Gordillo, Sewn-Folded, Folded, GorFrame, Liftgard Lift Cover, Transportation Bellows

Dynatect Custom Bellows

Roll Up Covers

Roll up covers are used in a variety of applications and industries. Manufacturing and designing these covers for over 60 years providing the largest cover selection in the industry.

Brands & Construction: Dynatect Shade Rollers, Alumaflex, Standard-Duty Steelflex, Steelflex Walk-On Cover, Tank Covers & Special Roll-Ups, Gortite Roll Up Doors

Dynatect Roll Up Covers

Way Wipers

Wipe away chips and oil when the machine is in operation. Available in standard or custom profiles for both moderate to high volumes and OEM applications or low to moderate volumes and maintenance applications.

Brands & Construction: Stock Way Wipers, Custom Molded Way Wipers, Custom Fabricated Way Wipers

Dynatect Way Wipers

Telescopic Steel Covers

Custom-designed covers for any machine tool application requiring protection of machine ways and screws. Protection against hot or heavy chip loads, dirt, oil, coolants, or dropped tools and work pieces.

Dynatect Telescopic Steel Covers


Dynatect Bellows, Way Covers, Machine Protection

Air Ducts - When a flexible solution is needed and rigid materials will just not do, bellows are available to work in locations where vibration, misalignment, and expansion/contraction occur. Dynatect duct bellows are used in construction, aerospace, transportation, and military applications.

Camera Bellows - Sealed, light-tight protection can be required in applications and Gortite's camera bellows are the right solution with their folded-type construction paired with elastometer-coated fabric providing a tear and cut resistant expandable cover.

Machine Tool - Dynatect provides a wide assortment for cover solutions for many different requirements in the industry. From simple covers to a total enclosure solutions Dynatect is able to come up with diverse solutions based on your specific needs.

Mechanical Lift Covers - Duratite, Sewn, Folded or Gorframe styles are available depending on the range of motion and environmental factors. Lift covers, used on mechanical lifting devices, specialty tables and moving bases create a barrier to protect mechanical components and create pinch point awareness. Gorframe bellows accommodate vertical/lateral motion for covering the bases of medical tables, dental chairs, and even amusement rides.

Rod Boots & Screw Covers - Providing protection against cylinder rod scoring from chips, abrasive particles, and other damaging objects. Even more they can also be applied as flexible connections where vibration, movement, or misalignment occur. Standard sewn, Gortiflex molded, VulcaSeal, and ThermiSeal along with a wide selection of coated fabrics and elastometers are available depending on the application specifications.

Transportation - Dynatect manufactures products for air handling, covering of joints and walkways, shades for windows and cabinets, and for other special application requirements in the transportation industry.

Way Covers/ Rail Covers - Protecting way surfaces or machine slide ways from dust, dirt, chips, oils, coolants, sparks and other abrasives. Providing a solution for machine system protection ensuring a more accurate machine system and less downtime from contaminants.


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