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Headquartered in Burlington, NJ Centryco offers over 50 years of product and customer satisfaction experience. Centryco specializes in industrial safety products, and within the just the last decade, the company has expanded with the growth of the their technological and production skills. Centryco is expanding its core competence and strengthening its technology by demonstrating an ability to meet an ever-increasing customer demand for global rod, shaft, screw, and way protection of all types.


Centryco Bellows, Way Covers, Spring Cover


Sewn Bellows - Sewn bellows are made from a series of stamped annular rings which are sewn together to form the individual convolutions. Special "split" bellows are available with a zipper closure to eliminate machine disassembly and downtime. Sewn Bellows are offered in a variety of materials and material thicknesses with superior abrasive resistance to accommodate various applications including protection from most industrial contaminants, high-temperature, welding sparks, and more.


Molded Bellows - Molded Polyurethane Bellows (Black) are available in stock sizes (1 or 2 foot lengths) or custom sizes. Providing excellent resistance to abrasion, temperature range from -60 to +225F, long Life, ideal for ultra light motor applications, and good chemical resistance to Ozone, Hydrocarbons, moderate chemicals, UV rays, oils, fuels, and greases.


RF Welded Bellows - New Radio Frequency (RF) Welded Bellows offer many of the same advantages as the molded bellows and are ideal for a broad range of applications. Individually welded pieces of black polyurethane film, outstanding extension to compression ratios (ideal for applications with limited space), provide leak-tight seal, temperature range from -60 to +225F, excellent for a broad range of interior and exterior applications.


Centry Covers - Helical metal spring guards (Centry Covers) made of 1095 polished blue carbon steel provide long life and maximum protection of your rods, shafts, and screws from chips and other destructive elements. An equally important use is as a safety barrier to seal off pinch points and other hazards to prevent operator injury. These helical metal coils surround and protect critical cylindrical mechanisms with overlapping coils that seal out the contaminants while wiping away dirt and debris with each thrust. The spring action holds the unit in place as it expands and compresses between two parallel surfaces. Simple flanges may be used to position the cover, which is normally installed over the end of a rod, shaft or screw assembly. However, “open wound” models are available to be wound onto the rod, shaft or screw without the necessity of partially disassembling the host machine. Covers are also available in stainless steel to address applications subject to rusting or pitting. Sizes range from Internal Diameters of 7 to 300mm with extended lengths of up to 4500mm.


Linear Way Covers - Three choices depending on environment:

  • Standard Duty Application - Folded/ Welded (WW) construction provides the ultimate in appearance and a strong seamless surface. Thickness: 0.009".
  • Spark-Resistant Application - Available in Folded / Welded (WW) construction, 0.014" thickness or Folded/Sewn (WM) traditional construction, 0.008" thickness with high-stress capabilities.
  • Heavy-Duty Spark and Extended Wear Application - Our ultimate Walk-On (WO) cover offering fully sewn, weld resistant, long-life construction able to withstand the weight of a typical worker.


Milling Machine Kits - Protecting milling machines with the industry standard, Centryco Milling Machine Kits. Made of a tough coated material and sewn with Kevlar¨ thread, Centryco Milling Machine Kits assure the highest mechanical strength and resistance to hot and sharp chips. Installation is a snap! Complete kits consist of a trio of covers plus necessary attaching brackets. All brackets are black anodized and pre-drilled to bolt into place.


Perma Pleated Screens - Made in a variety of materials to suit your application, Centryco's Perma-Pleated Screens are the ideal choice for protection from light debris or heavy dust. The product also offers safety with eye appeal that will enhance your equipment's professional appearance. Ideal for applications on medical equipment such as X-ray machines, inspection equipment such as coordinated measuring machines, or machine tools such as grinder and milling machines. Easy to install, the Perma-Pleated Guard is also the most economic product that you can use to provide protection to your equipment. Guide channels must be provided to retain your Centryco Screen covers. Allow 2mm clearance on the sides and 1mm on top. Perma Pleated Screens are available in various lengths, heights (v-depth), and up to 30" widths. Attachment methods include Velcro (Hook/Loop), PVC or Aluminum end plates. Applications that require widths over 30" may utilize our Sewn Screen construction method (SS) where supports are included to stabilize your cover.


Way Covers - Centryco offers many way cover configurations to fit your application. Providing covers that come in a variety of ways including typical horizontal cover shape, typical vertical cover shape, and typical cross-way cover shape.


Way Wipers - Centryco Way Wipers are an economical way to preserve machine accuracy as they protect the interstice of machine slideways from dirt and chips. The strong rigid casings (Aluminum or Stainless Steel) are resistant to corrosion and are easily drilled for mounting on your machine where they maintain uniform pressure for the full length of the blades. The blades, made of a Polyurethane, which resists oil, heat, and abrasion, are easily replaceable.

Centryco Bellows, Way Covers, Way Wipers


Ball Screws - Centry Covers, Sewn Bellows

Rod Cylinder/Shaft - Centry Covers, Sewn Bellows, RF Welded Bellows, Molded Bellows

Die Sets - Centry Covers, Sewn Bellows

Milling/Lathe - Linear Rail Covers, Way Covers, Centry Covers, Sewn Bellows, Way Wipers

Grinding - Way Covers, Centry Covers

Plasma/Laser Cutting - Linear Rail Covers, Way Covers, PP Screens

Measurement Equipment - RF Welded Bellows, Molded Bellows, PP Screens

Robotics - Linear Rail Cover, Sewn Bellows, RF Welded Bellows, Molded Bellows

Offshore Drilling - RF Welded Bellows, Molded Bellows

Honing - RF Welded Bellows, Molded Bellows

Linear Motion - Linear Rail Covers, Way Wipers

Imaging Tables - RF Welded Bellows, Molded Bellows, Lift/Loop Bellows

Laser Beam - Centry Covers, Sewn Bellows

Aluminum Smelting - Centry Covers, Sewn Bellows

Paint Spraying - Linear Rail Covers, Sewn Bellows, RF Welded Bellows, Molded Bellows

Welding - Linear Rail Covers, Way Covers, Sewn Bellows

Wood Working - Linear Rail Covers, Way Covers, Sewn Bellows, RF Welded Bellows, Molded Bellows


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